Second Wind

Sometimes you can work on a project and your ideas fall apart or come out of place. Ever been stuck working on something for weeks and you just keep missing the mark? Maybe the wind has been knocked from your sails? Or maybe you struggle coming up with ideas at all? At some point, we all lose morale, but finding your second wind isn’t rocket science.

Block (such as writers block), is usually due to lack of inspiration*. It can leave you stuck on a portion of work or the whole project together! I like to go onto Pinterest and just browse boards until I get the gist of what I want to design. Surround yourself with inspiration and you’ll generate better morale. All you need to do is maintain a mindset centered around what you want to create.

Another issue that weakens morale is burnout. Sometimes you just get tired and need a fresh new start to keep the machine going. Here are some good techniques I use to re-energize during a project.

  • Buy yourself new supplies to make you eager to try them out.
  • Go on walks to unclog your brain. During the project, be sure to take breaks often.
  • Sleep, which also helps with stress.
  • Maybe work on a less important project for a bit then jump back in.

Remember that burnout is all a part of the process, but doesn’t mean give up. It’s up to you to achieve the end result, as best as you can, by your deadline no matter what.

Mental and physical health also affect your morale. Always work in a healthy environment that encourages your efforts. Every morning make sure that you eat well (test taking strategies am I right?) and stay hydrated. Throughout the day make sure you take care of yourself to stay sharp and 100%. With all of these strategies, you may find it easy to boost your morale and take on any project. It’s never too late to find your second wind!

*In graphic design it is uncommon that a client will ask you to make something without giving you any details. This can relieve you from starting off of the top of your head.

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