Got I.D.?

In the industry, crafting identities is a large part of being a graphic designer. “Branding” as it is called, is our bread and butter – especially for those of us who work independently. You may have many reasons for wanting to create an identity for yourself. Maybe you want to separate from competitors? Maybe you want to impress clients? No matter the reason, you should brand yourself. Here is my overview for absolute beginners.

The first key thing to seek is a logo. Logos are the short and sweet of representing your organization or self. Logos are everywhere and they can really enhance your presence with few words. Why talk about who you are when you could present a killer logo instead? Show, don’t tell. If you want a more in depth explanation, head here.

A while ago I was retouching my branding for my artist persona, deciding on colors is what tripped me up. Colors are essential to branding, they are the easiest details that a consumers eyes will digest. When you can set your colors straight, anything you style with that palette can become an advertisement of your brand. Choose wisely and have a good reason for the colors you chose.

Your brand is your flag no matter what setting you are in, no matter who you come across. You have to represent your organization as best as you can, to be remembered. Remember to stay consistent so that your look is always distinguishable among other brands. It is key to uphold your style, the colors, and all of its aspects. Good luck designers, and I hope to encounter you in the field someday!

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Richard Thompson

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